TSK in Oregon

Our pal Dana Moody and her cat TSK just posted a lovely blog via blogspot but since we can’t “re-blog” here is the link:


And…some of her wonderful photos showing TSK enjoying his fir tree theme catcube tower with Pom-Pom toy & green handmade cushions. So exciting that one of our catcube towers travelled from London all the way to Oregon west coast USA!! There are also now pals in New York City & California that have catcube beds! This is very exciting for us four cats since our human mom is American! We can’t wait to send more to our pals there in America. We have loads of lovely pals all over Europe and UK who are already enjoying their catcubes, it’s great!






Thanks Dana for the great photos and make sure to check out her original post http://meanderingmoodys.blogspot.co.uk/2015/11/cat-cubes.html?spref=tw